Brand Development

What is a brand?

A successful brand is one that creates a relationship with its customers. It lives almost entirely in their minds. While your logo, image, customer service, distribution, pricing and promotion all help to make up the brand, without the emotional ties to your customers, you are just another business… not a brand.

At Campaign Marketing, we have developed the tools you need to ensure that your business connects with your customers in a way that creates a unique relationship, which becomes your unique brand.

These tools include a successful process based on the highly acclaimed “4D” model created by Thomas Gad (as used by companies including Virgin, Ikea, Nike, Nokia, SAS, Erickson, Adidas, to name but a few). The “4D” model explores the four dimensions any successful brand should have – the mental, emotional, spiritual and the functional dimensions.

Through Campaign Marketing’s branding tools, you will learn ways to constantly build your brand and connect with your customers, creating a successful business.