“Campaign Marketing always seem to be able to come up with ideas and concepts that are not only creative and stand-out … they are also strategically sound and highly campaignable”

Phil Jacombs, A Reserve Entertainment

Campaign Marketing worked with their affiliate A Reserve Entertainment on the biggest New Year’s Event in the Capital’s history – The Millenium Event – “The Big One”. We were responsible for creating and developing the concept, managing the media and sourcing the sponsorship required to fund an event of this magnitude.

Camapign Marketing also worked with A Reserve Entertainment on The Premier’s Concert series, the launch of KLM’s flights (on Sydney Harbour), the launch of British Telecom, the Cisco Systems roadshow around Australia, the BEA “COLLABORATE 2000” and many other corporate events.

We are currently working with A Reserve Entertainment on a new concept that will connect New Year’s Eve events in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, in a way that’s never been done before.